Installing ADManager Plus

    Installing ADManager Plus

    ADManager Plus is distributed in the EXE format. ADManager Plus can be installed in any machine in the domain with the specified system requirements. You can install ADManager Plus as:

    Installing ADManager Plus as an Application

    By Default ADManager Plus will be installed as an application, run the self-extracting EXE and follow the instructions.

    When ADManager Plus is installed as an application, it runs with the privileges of the user who has logged on to the system.

    ADManager Plus as a Windows Service

    To run ADManager Plus as a service, perform the following steps after installation.

    • Go to Start Menu
    • All Programs
    • Select ADManager Plus
    • Select NT Service
    • Select Install ADMP Service

    When ADManager Plus is installed as a service, it runs with the privileges of the system account.

    Note: Ensure that you have necessary privileges to install and run the product:
    1. For using the AD Reports module, ordinary user privilege is sufficient.
    2. For performing the AD Management operations, such as create, modify users, etc., administrator privilege or a user with necessary privilege to perform these tasks is required.
    3. You can modify the Domain Settings and change the user credentials that ADManager Plus has to use. This credential will be used irrespective of whether it is installed as a service or an application.
    4. If you are using Vista ensure that 'user account control' is disabled. Because enabling 'user account control' will allow only administrator to install the software.

    Installing ADManager Plus

    Uninstalling ADManager Plus

    To uninstall ADManager Plus , select Start → Programs → ADManager Plus → Uninstall ADManager Plus.

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